Bottle Buddies

img_06051I found these brilliant dog chew toys at Petsmart today when Murph went in for all his shots.  I decided to pick up some Valentine’s Day gifts for the two pups, and I thought their own chew toys would probably be good since right now they’re sharing Murph’s.  Not sure that’s really good for either of them. 

Anyways, these are toys made out of a tough materials so it’s harder to chew through it, and inside is a recycled plastic bottle.  So it makes that funny crunching sound inside the toy that makes it more interesting for them.  BUT, it isn’t a squeaker, which is Murph’s favorite thing about new toys… chewing them apart until he finds the squeaker.  I think this might be perfect for him.  PLUS, they velcro at the bottom so you can replace the bottle inside.  I have slight concerns that they’ll be able to undo the velcro and get at the bottle, but I’ll let you know how that works out.  Right now I rate them a 9 🙂


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