Murph’s Poop in my Fridge


Murph had a vet appointment today which meant he would probably need a fecal exam (poop exam for anyone who doesn’t have a dog).  This is really only bad news for dogs when you don’t bring in a poop sample, because it means they have to dig around in his butt for a little bit (aren’t you all enjoying this post?).  I made the mistake once last year of not bringing a sample, and boy was Murph upset.  So now I’m always careful to remember to keep whatever I pick up that morning.  

Well, you are then faced with where exactly to keep it.  I discovered in the past that the fridge is the best place because it doesn’t smell up the house and it keeps it ‘fresh’.  But boy is it gross to open the fridge door and see a bag of poop sitting right next to your grapes and cucumbers…




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