Happy Valentine’s Day!

I rate Valentine’s Day an 8.


I’ll tell you what.  I sure am sick of hearing all these people whine about Valentine’s Day.  Seriously?  You’re going to complain about a holiday whose entire purpose is to celebrate love?  

I get that some people feel lonely, and V-Day only makes it more clear to them that they don’t have a date, or won’t be getting any flowers at their office that day.  But honestly, I really just feel like that’s their lack of creativity causing the problem.  No one ever said Valentine’s Day had to be exclusively about romantic love.  

Considering my dislike of long-term relationships, I embraced the idea years ago that Valentine’s Day would be an opportunity to celebrate everyone I loved, or even really liked, in my life.  I’d go out to dinner with girl friends (or guy friends if that’s the way it worked out).  I’d watch romantic, sappy love movies and listen to Bryan Adams as loud as I wanted (not that I really ever needed a holiday or time of year to give me permission to do that).  And I’d buy stupid children’s Valentine’s Day cards from Target and pass them out.  Because you know what?  They all just kinda make me happy.  And I don’t care if I’m with someone on Valentine’s Day or not.  At least not a ‘special’ someone (I do think I’d be kinda sad if I sat all alone in my apartment…).  

So this year I bought Murph and Dakota some special toys, I’m going to kick some butt in tennis with some special friends, and cook dinner later that night with a special someone.   And, I’m going to enjoy the excuse to eat extra chocolate 🙂

I will, however, take 2 points off Valentines Day for the following:

1) Some people feel sad.  And that makes me sad.

2) The pressure to do something fabulous if you’re in a relationship.  All the stress makes it a tiny, little bit less fun. 

But overall I love it.  Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂



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