Murph’s Puffy Face


After taking Dakota to the vet yesterday, today was Murph’s turn.  Only difference was that Murph was due for about 4 vaccines.  Needless to say the little one doesn’t enjoy them too much.  But in the past the only side effect has been laziness (a side effect which I am more than willing to deal with when it comes to this crazy one).  However today shortly after we got back Murph started rubbing his face all over the carpet.  Literally wouldn’t stop until his eyes were all red, watery and puffy. 

I called Petsmart to see about allergic reactions, and they asked if his face was puffy.  At this point I noticed that it wasn’t just his eyes.  His whole face was looking a little swollen.  We hopped in the car immediately and it was then I noticed the hump nose.  I felt really bad but I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  The poor thing looked pitiful!  Hopefully these pictures do it some justice.

Clearly under a 5 because a dangerous reaction to drugs is never what I would want for Murphy.  However, now that I know he’s going to be fine, the slightly puffy face is still funny to look at 🙂  

img_0615          img_06091
On a slightly more positive note, when we returned from the vet Dakota was out of his crate so I carried Murph in, and Dakota greeted us warmly, sniffing Murphy but no growls or barks at all.  I put him (Murph) right in his crate just to be safe (I’d rather take it slow than have them have a bad incident), but I have good feelings about where this relationship is going 🙂



  1. They will get along eventually. My two males labs didnt like each other at first, but now the sleep together 1 one dog house. I know…shady….they do other stuff too, but I’ll leave that out!

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