Unleashed Dogs


I get that it may seem more ‘natural’, or the dog enjoys it more, and I’m totally not opposed to it in more private settings (maybe hiking in the woods?).  However, when you live in an apartment complex and are taking your dog out, LEASH IT.  

This morning when walking Kota a pit bull just runs up to us.  I’ve seen the pit around before, but never unleashed.  Dakota, being a little skittish around other dogs, was surprisingly good at first, but he must have sensed my nervousness because I was freaking out when I saw the dog coming towards us.  At that point Dakota starts growling, and there’s literally nothing I can do.  It takes all my strength just to keep my 80 lb. dog under control, so I definitely can’t try and get this other one away from us.  The owner of the pit calls down (that’s right, he was probably 30 feet away) ‘He’s fine.  Don’t worry about him’.  I’m thinking, okay great, your dog is fine.  What about mine?  Clearly he’s not, so can  you come get yours?  Really frustrating after all the work I’ve been putting into socializing Murph and Kota.  Clearly I’m venting (as this happened like 5 minutes ago) but the moral of the story is, if you have a dog, please leash it 🙂

The good news is when we got back he seemed to be okay, and as we speak is lying down next to Murph’s crate.  I think it might be time for their Valentine’s Day gifts…


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