Quick BFF Update


The boys are definitely growing on each other, and this weekend (Valentine’s Day to be exact!) they were let out of their crates at the same time, and just hung out in the apartment.  They got along fine, with absolutely no incidents, and it didn’t take Murph long to show Dakota who’s boss.  While Dakota might take the lead on walks (for now anyways), he spends all his time in the apartment following Murphy around.  It’s hilarious to watch.  

Today I bought them a leash splitter, and we took several walks today with them hooked together- HUGE STEP!  I would say they’re definitely becoming friends.  While not cuddling quite yet, everything is headed in that direction 🙂


img_0650     img_0660



  1. A friend of mine is calling Murph, “Smurph” (a ref to his size and cute factor!) I bet he’ll be cute every time he corrects Dakota about something 🙂
    By the way, I think that the size offset is more like 5or6:1. Murph’s about the size of Kota’s head!

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