The Three Final Women of the Bachelor

In honor of the closing weeks of this season of ‘The Bachelor’ (starring Jason from a previous season of the Bachelorette) I’ve decided to rate the three remaining women this evening. Enjoy 🙂

*Note on the rating… I’m not going to score anyone a 10, because I think there’s always a mystery factor when it comes to the Bachelor, because true connection or feelings can’t easily be detected on TV.  And a 10 would definitely have that included, but I have no way to judge that.  Therefore, each is starting with a 9.

Name: Molly


Age: 24
Occupation: Department Store Buyer

Birthplace: Phoenix, AZ

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Currently Resides in: Milwaukee, WI

Molly’s a sweet girl. She seems pretty smart, and definitely cute and bubbly. I think she shows her age a little bit, and while still a classy girl just seems a little too young for Jason (-1). I’m mostly convinced that she’s into Jason now, but I’m not 100% convinced she went on the show at the start to find the man of her dreams. I say this as a 24 year-old (and maybe I have no right to do that, but this is my blog so I’ll do what I wanna)- I can’t imagine being so ready to get married that you’re choosing a last-resort place like The Bachelor. I’m all for it, and if people find their soul mates on it (although I’m not convinced anyone but Trista and Ryan actually have) more power to you. It just seems like something you do after trying traditional dating for a while and just not finding anyone fabulous enough for you. THEN you apply for a show like this where you’re guaranteed the Bachelor is going to be of pretty high caliber. But at 24? How much dating could you really have done? Therefore, the way I picture it in my head is her friends all convincing her this would be something fun and random to do, and she just happened to fall for him. And maybe that’s okay, I just don’t buy her genuineness (-1).

At the very beginning of the season she pulled a sketchy, somewhat immature, move to get the first kiss. She pulled him aside asking him if he wanted to see her ‘special talent’. That special talent turned out to be a pretty agressive kiss. This seemed both a little arrogant and a little pushy. This definitely takes off a point or two (-2).

Then on their first one on one date she ended up spending the night over at his place. This has never before been done in Bachelor history and again, seemed a little forward for a first date. But honestly, that wasn’t even the worst part. She then returned to the house in his clothes the next morning. This seemed ridiculous because obviously she went over in her clothes, meaning they were still there the next morning. Therefore, this was obviously a conscious choice to return in his clothes, despite it already being obvious to all the girls that she hadn’t come home the night before (-1). And to top it all off, her entrance into the house the next morning began immediately with comments about ‘not getting any sleep the night before’ and ‘being completely exhausted’. I felt the whole thing was over the top and didn’t show a lot about her character (-1).

After tonight’s show, I finally became convinced that Jason might be seeing the light, and was almost positive Molly would be the one to go.  They’ve always had a clear physical connection, but tonight she seemed really nervous and they actually looked pretty awkward.  Plus, I’m just not convinced she’s mature enough for little Ty.


Name: Jillian


Age: 29
Occupation: Interior Designer
Birthplace: Phoenix, AZ

Hometown: Peace River, Alberta, Canada
Currently Resides in: Vancouver, BC

I feel to be fair I have to preface this rating by saying that Jillian has been my favorite from day 1. Literally I loved her the minute she walked out of the limo (admittedly that might have a lot to do with the side ponytail she’s been sporting all the way through the season), and have been pleased to see no personality flaws that would interfere with my love. She’s a little bit older than the other two which I see as a serious advantage. She’s definitely the most mature, most level-headed and down to earth, and super independent. She’s got a ton going for her, but has been nothing but nice to all the other girls from the start. In fact, that’s actually a pleasant surprise this season. The three left all really get along, and none of them are crazy drama-starters behind the scenes. Basically I think Jillian seems the most ready for a committed relationship involving a child, while at the same time being fun, silly and entertaining.

Tonight Jillian just reaffirmed my belief that she is the right one for Jason.  They look great together, and it seemed he finally found the physical connection he’d been looking for to go with the clear friendship they had developed.


Name: Melissa


Age: 25

Occupation: Sales Representative
Birthplace: Phoenix, AZ

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Currently Resides in: Dallas, TX

This girl’s adorable. Again, super young and sweet, but for some reason I really buy it. When she showed her vulnerable/sensitive side in an earlier episode I didn’t feel like it was just to win points or a consolation kiss, but I just felt like she is genuinely kind hearted and a good person. That was when she first started growing on me.

However, last week the sketchiness with the home visit definitely lost some points. Her parents apparently weren’t up for a home visit because they wanted to protect their privacy. Initially I was totally supportive, as it seems completely reasonable they don’t want to be on national TV. But then she decided to have him meet some of her friends, none of who seemed to know anything about her parents (-1). Then they returned to her hotel. Which meant she wasn’t even staying with her parents. All this is not really an issue for me, as everyone has weird deals with family. However, if you’re looking to marry someone, and you only have about three weeks left to convince them, not being open with them about what the deal is is definitely sketch (-1).

But again, after tonight I seemed to forget about all that.  Melissa seems the most excited to see him, every time, which solidifies my belief that she is genuine and really does care for him.  Plus, she appears to be really fun and positive, and despite her young age I think she would be great for Ty.  Overall, I wouldn’t at all be disappointed if Melissa made it to the final two.




  1. this makes me laugh… i admit on the front end that i didnt read through it, since i am not invested in this show…. but the fact that you are makes me feel better ab my own american idol addiction 😛

  2. Ok, so I AM a Bachelor addict, thank you very much! I said from show #1 that Melissa was going to be THE ONE. I have no idea why, since she is soooo much not the kind of person I would personally hang out with (at least I don’t think). I don’t care for Molly at all, and I hated to see Jullian go. Thanks for this blog! I have enjoyed it. And, yes, I am watching Idol right now too, Felter!

  3. It now appears you’re closer to being right then I was… good call on Melissa. I NEVER would have picked her from the beginning, but now I’m totally rooting for her over Molly.

  4. I think that Molly is just so fake. Watching the videos from the women to him solidified that for me. Hers just seemed so scripted, so not “from the heart” whereas Melissa’s was sincere, I think. HOWEVER, will not meeting her family affect his decision? I hope not!

  5. Never seen the show, but I’d like to argue that “That special talent turned out to be a pretty agressive kiss.” should have been rated at a +20

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