Monthly Costco Trips


Each month we have an All Corps Conference, where the whole ENC corps comes together for a day of professional development.  In my new position I’m responsible for all the logistics of the event, from room assignments, to signs directing teachers, to most importantly, the food.  

This means that once a month I make a giant trip to Costco where I purchase over 300 drinks.  I struggle each time with getting the right number of Diet sodas, and different kinds of sodas, and water, not knowing what the magic number is where it will all be gone by the end of the day, but we don’t run out of what people want before then.  

So, as you picture this Costco trip that I’m rating a 3, I want you to picture me loading all this soda from shelves onto my cart, attempting to push the cart from the back of the store all the way to the front, checking out, pushing it all the way to my car, and then unloading all the drinks and assortment of other purchases into my car. 

It earns three points because it’s always nice to get away from the desk, and you certainly can’t beat the prices of Costco.  AND, I can count it as my workout for the day 🙂  If nothing else, the mental picture of me throwing my entire body at this cart just to get it to start moving should be worth a point.



One comment

  1. Call me up next time you have to go (with a couple days of warning) and I will come with you. After working with a grocery store for 5+ years I am killer at loading and unloading mass quantities of soda.

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