Den of Sickness

Also being called the ‘Den of Disgustness’, my apartment is just starting to be cleared of all the germs that have been living, and multiplying, there over the past week.

I started feeling sick on Saturday, and while I don’t normally consider myself someone who gets sick, this one hit me hard.  I thought it was strep at first, then perhaps pneumonia (okay maybe not really, but in the worst of it it sure felt like I might be dying), and eventually I gave in to the fact that it was probably just a bad cold and my immune system isn’t quite what it used to be.  So as a result, the following ratings came from the past week:

MY IMMUNE SYSTEM: 3.  It eventually fought it off, but seriously?  A week to kick a cold?  I remember the good old days of teaching when you were exposed to so many germs each day that your body learned how to resist all of them.  In two years of teaching I didn’t take a single sick day (partly stubborness, but mostly just cause I never got all that sick), and here I am already using one this year.

BEING SICK: 4.  Okay mostly it sucks, but sometimes an excuse to lie around for days and watch TV and be lazy?  Especially when there’s someone to take care of you and make you eat ice cream 🙂 I kinda like it…

DOGS WHO DON’T GET A GOOD WALK FOR SEVERAL DAYS BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT FEELING WELL: 1.  Okay really this should be ‘dog’, since Dakota is well behaved no matter what.  Murphy, however, gets so rowdy when he’s bored and doesn’t get enough exercise.  He would literally just walk around the aparment sniffing out everything to see where he could get into trouble.  And then as soon as he found something he’d grab it in his mouth, stop, and look up at me with his giant eyes like ‘Hahaha, I know you’re too sick to chase me around’.  And he was right.  Now I want to train Dakota to chase down the little dog when he’s being bad.  I tried this week but every time I said his name he would jump up from his bed and run to me to give me kisses and get scratched.

DEN OF DISGUSTINGNESS:1.  My apartment is gross.  I have medicine wrappers all over, dirty tissues, and I’m pretty sure we just continued to pass the sickness back and forth which is probably why it lasted so long.  A great suggestion was made for a Lysol bomb, kinda like a flea bomb, that you could set off to clean out all the germs all over the apartment.  Great incentive for some Spring cleaning this Saturday though which will make my life feel back in order.

ALL THE ICE CREAM I ATE: 7.  It was fabulous.  And almost entirely guilt free.  But -3 for the extra harm I was probably doing to my body.  The way I thought about it though was that my throat was probably swollen, and the only way to really ice the inside to ease the swelling would be to continuously eat ice cream.  So I actually think it was a vital part of my recovery.

The weather’s supposed to be gorgeous and warm today, so I fully intend on getting out of my lazy funk and doing something fun after work today.  TGIF!


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