Friday Night Bowling!

In memory of wonderful nights in Gaston bowling, we decided to use the Coupon Book for some Friday night bowling.  Here are the highlights…

FRAME 1, GAME 1: 9.  Can you believe all but one of us got strikes???  What an exciting/awesome start.  I wish I could say we kept this up and game 3 didn’t end with a score of 77…


FLUORESCENT BOWLING SHOES: 10.  I can’t imagine bowling in anything else.  All the lanes these days are replacing the old school fluorescent ones with new, boring gray and blue ones.  Luckily, they usually have one or two pairs in each size left, so I’m always very specific that those are the shoes I need to bowl in.  Pretty sure they’re good luck.  I fear the day when I show up to a bowling alley with no fluorescent shoes…


BOWLING IDENTITIES: 8!  It all started with our original entry into the Roanoke Rapids bowling league.  I signed up over the phone, and for whatever reason no one can ever understand my name over the phone.  I speculate it’s because I sound younger, yet the name Janice is so rarely foudn with anyone under 40 that they can’t believe that’s what I’m actually saying.  So they immediately move on to “Jena”, “Jenny” or something similiar.  In this case, they wrote my name down as Jenny.  I showed up the first week and they had no record of a Janice Smith who had signed up for a team, but they did have a Jenny Smith.  I quickly figured out this was my team, and they must have just misunderstood my name over the phone.

That first week I bowled AWESOME, and informed them it was actually Janice, so they fixed it on the roster.  The following week when I bowled as “Janice”, I was HORRIBLE.  So I had them change it back to Jenny, and for the next 30 weeks I bowled with the identify of Jenny.  All the locals we bowl with still think I’m Jenny, and now whenever I bowl I use that identity.

SO, clearly everyone else needs one too.  Friday night I was lucky enough to bowl with Butch, Wuffer, Lulu, Gerty, Candi and Willy.  Good times.  

BOWLING LESSONS: 4.  This kid was probably about 12 and throwing CRAZY curve balls.  I tried to get him to give me a lesson, and he appeased me for about 3 minutes.  Gave me some quick pointers, and let me go.  They didn’t work and I pretty sure I sprained my wrist when doing it the way he recommended.  He was still impressive.  


Good times were had by all.  For anyone in the Triangle area, I definitely recommend Village Lanes downtown.  Great coupons on their website, and at 10 fun music started playing.  Only downside= no crazy bright lights like Cosmic Bowling, so it became kinda hard to see your ball.  Still totally worth going.


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