Bachelor Update/Rant

So let me start by saying loud and clear, if you are a fan/follower of the Bachelor and have not yet watched last night’s season finale, DO NOT READ THIS POST..






That being said, I’m going to begin my review/rant.  And while every season (episode really) they say “This is the most dramatic rose ceremony/finale EVER”, I’ve begun to take it with a grain of salt and never believe them.  Last night, however, was undeniably the most dramatic “After the Final Rose” I’ve ever seen.  Immediately following the final rose ceremony, where he proposed to Melissa and they looked as if they were going to live happily ever after, was “After the Final Rose”. 


It began with Jason coming out, like normal, however there was no live audience due to the “emotional” nature of what was about to happen.  We began speculating and at first genuinely thought someone had died, as he looked so sad when he walked out.

It turned out he looked so sad because he was about to dump Melissa, his fiance of 6 WEEKS, on national television.  

I’ve always liked Jason.  He seemed very genuine, great intentions, and he has an adorable little boy for god’s sake!  But after last night I lost a ton of respect for him.  I rate his performance on “After the Final Rose” a 2 for the following reasons.

1) We all make mistakes.  I accept that.  And a decision as important as this one I can believe you might not get it right the first time.  But after 6 weeks?  Buddy you didn’t even give it a real go.  As soon as you had any regrets you peaced out.  That’s just lame.

2) ON NATIONAL TELEVISION??? If you all have been ‘talking all the time’, and have ‘seen each other every holiday’ then you sure as hell had a chance to tell her before you had to appear on National TV that you didn’t want to be with her.  But to surprise her like that where the whole world could watch?  Not classy at all.  The only question I have about that is how much did they pay him to do it that way?

MELISSA’S REACTION: 9.  I thought she remained impressively classy while still expressing her anger with him.  I’d be so mad I would not have kept my composure nearly as well as she did.  My favorite line: “You’re such a bastard”.  Totally deserved.

MELISSA’S DRESS: 3.  Yes, you have a great body.  But if you’re trying to convince this man you should be his wife, that was certainly not a wife dress.  (Funny that I can’t find a picture of it anywhere… I’ll work on that.  To sum it up, it was SKIN TIGHT, strapless and short.  I’m sure you can imagine the look)


Then Molly comes on for the normal “talk to the broken hearted one and face the man who rejected you for the first time”.  Shortly after Jason joined her on stage Chris prompted Jason to tell her the same things he’d just told us.  

MOLLY’S SHOCK: 7.  This part I believe was genuine.  Her face as he was telling her was GREAT.  She kept looking at Chris to be like “Is this for real?”  I think she may have been expecting to be Punk’d…

MOLLY TAKING HIM BACK: 4.  I get that she may still be in love with him, and this was exactly what she was imagining for months, but to take him back minutes after he told you he just broke up with his fiancee of 6 weeks on national television?  What’s to say he won’t change his mind again in another 6 weeks.  All I have to say about that is GOOD LUCK.  You’re gonna need it.


Now anxiously awaitng the second “After the Final Rose” where I can see how him and Molly are doing.  Maybe he’ll dump her and go for Jillian…


One comment

  1. Yes, definitely to most dramatic rose ceremony yet! UNFORTUNATELY, word was out on the street (ie…In Touch, Star, etc and on the website) that this was what was going to happen and for once, they hit the nail on the head. HMMMM. What a slimebucket!!???? Wonder what tonight will bring? I feel bad for Ty.

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