Dakota and Murph’s Budding Relationship

I would say they’re now up to an 8.  They’ve started playing (finally!) and it’s SO great to just watch them tire each other out by pulling on a rope toy for 20-30 minutes.  It’s impressive how much they equal each other out (Murph’s tenacity and spunk combined with Dakota’s size), and usually Murph ends up winning (but sometimes that’s just cause Dakota gets bored).  They walk really well now (we figured out a system where Dakota stays on my right and Murph on my left and it’s fabulous- I think the leash splitter may not have been such a great idea after all), and are both absolutely fine just hanging around the apartment.


I am, however, realizing how much Murphy might not love me.  It turns out I thought he did, but compared to Dakota he’s not at all interested.  Dakota will drop everything he’s doing if I call his name or motion for him to come over.  In fact, he usually does it without any prompting, just naturally following me whenever I get up to go somewhere.  He always sits or lies right next to me, and will often come over and nudge my hand looking for some love.  Murphy, on the other hand, cares WAY more about his food and his toys.  The addict will do anything and everything for food, but not so much for me.  However, he is still the most adorable dog ever so he gets some credit for that 🙂


(And yes, the vet did call him ‘her’ for the first 15 minutes of our visit.  When she finally picked up on the ‘he’ I just told her I think it takes a real man to wear pink.  And boy does he wear it well.)


One comment

  1. “it takes a real man to wear pink”

    That’s just what pink-wearing men tell themselves to try to salvage what is left of their pride after being made to wear pink.

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