Finding a Spaghetti Squash with Dead Bugs in it…

0.  I can find absolutely nothing redeeming in this experience.  I bought a spaghetti squash at Food Lion yesterday (the one on 54 near the new Harris Teeter for anyone hoping to avoid a similar experience), and when I cut it open after arriving home, this is what I found:


At first I thought it was mold, which would have been gross enough, but then I saw some wings and bodies that were starting to fall apart.  At that point I almost threw up in the sink.

Mom, you’d be proud.  I did in fact return it to the store today and got a full refund.  I think this is a sign I’m finally becoming an adult, as I used to write off bad grocery store purchases like this as bad luck.  Never really thought of them as returnable, but more that I just needed to be more careful when picking out my produce.  So there, perhaps there was something of value in the experience.  

I’ll give it a 1.


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