Murphy’s Booster Shot


Shots by their very nature are clearly important.  And I feel good that I’m finally getting organized and able to keep track of Murphy’s shots enough to know when he needs a booster.

However, due to the swollen face incident from the original vaccine (that quickly died down with a little Benadryl), it’s now in Banfield’s system (the vet in Petsmart) that my dog has had an allergic reaction to a vaccine.  Therefore, apparently it’s company policy that he has to stay there for two hours, the vaccine given through an IV, and a dose of their Benadryl afterwards.  So all of this takes his $28 vaccine up to $128. 

That’s right.  $128

And the worst part?  This procedure has to happen from now on, EVERY TIME HE GETS A SHOT.  So I pretty much have no option but to find a new vet and not tell them about the history, and have some Benadryl on hand when we get home.  But that’s still a financial drain because a huge benefit of my Bansfield is that every Tuesday and Wednesday from 2-4 it’s free visits.  So then all you have to pay for is the vaccine. 

So I left without the shot (couldn’t take a hit of $100 on such short notice… gave me a physical reaction and I didn’t want to push it).  I have 2 weeks to figure out what to do before the window for the booster expires.

Any thoughts?



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