North Carolina Snow

8.  I love snow to begin with, so naturally my rating might seem a little high.  But I’ve gotta be honest, I think North Carolina snow might be my absolute favorite. 

So first, it’s kind of rare, which takes off a point.  But when it does come, it’s even more exciting.  The entire state goes crazy, and pretty much everything and anything closes at even the prediction of snow (which is the only town it kinda sucks to be able to work from home…).  It comes, completely beautifies everything (see pictures below), and by the time I leave work it’s melted and clear.  None of that ugly gray mush on the side of the roads, none of the lingering cold weather (it’s actually supposed to be 70 on Saturday, and was 50 today!) and before you know it you can return to normal life.

I’m pretty convinced it’s the best of both worlds.  Only other downside is that for sports like skiing, etc. the short lived nature of NC snow is kind of a bummer.  But you know what, I like climbing better than skiing anyways (sorry Dad!) and snow’s no good for that.

img_0715   img_0714


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