Outdoor Lunch at Brixx


Yesterday I decided to get out of the office for lunch and meet a buddy over at Brixx in Brier Creek since I have a couple coupons (clearly) 🙂  

Must say, perhaps one of the highlights of the week.

First, the weather down here was beautiful and they have outdoor seating, so we got to enjoy some sunlight which is always nice when you work in an office with no windows.

(NOTE: I did have a picture to go with this one but made the mistake of taking them on BG’s phone and trusting he would send them to me… Instead he deleted it.  I rate that a 1)

Second, I tried 2 new pizzas (BG was kind enough to give me some of his) and both were super delish.  Absolutely no complaints about the food other than the slightly burnt crust on one of the pizzas (-.5).


Spicy Shrimp Pizza


Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken



-1 as pizza isn’t the healthies option, and it’s rather difficult to eat healthy there (less because they don’t have the options and more because the pizza’s just so good how can you resist?).

Overall a highly satisfying experience.  8.5.


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