Village Lanes in Durham

So thankful to the many coupons available for Village Lanes in Durham, Butch, Bertha (Bertie as I affectionately call her), Toad, Talia and Papa A all headed back for some bowling adventures  last night.  Overall I rate the local Village lanes an 8.5.

I must say, I am becoming a HUGE fan of Village Lanes (and they’re not paying me to post this, I swear).  First, we arrived with coupons knowing we would only pay half price to bowl.  Again, they had fluorescent shoes for me (although they were a bit older this time, -.5), the place was hopping (but not overwhelmingly busy) and the bowling was fabulous.

Couple leagues going on at the same time, and they were highly entertaining to watch.  While I didn’t bowl the best game of my life, a couple really positive experiences made up for it.

We headed out rather late so following the first game I started getting sleepy.  I headed up to the concession stand to get a soda, and as she was filling up the cup we chatted a bit about bowling leagues.  When she was ready to take my money I pulled out my card (didn’t have any cash on me) and she informed me you had to buy at least $5 worth to use a card.  I dug around as if I was going to find some cash in my large wallet (although I’m not really sure what I was looking for considering I knew I didn’t have any) and when she realized I had no cash she was just like “Don’t worry about it- you’re set”.  Then she introduced me to the head of the league so we could get more info. about playing.  I love kind people like that 🙂


When we went to pay, the guy at the counter (who we were pretty sure didn’t like us most of the night) ended up handing us a stack of coupons (almost 15 total), each one allowing an entire lane of bowlers to bowl 2 games + shoes for only $5!!!  Are you kidding me?!?!  I’m hooked for at least another 15 visits…


The only downside is where the bowling alley is located.  Doesn’t bother me too much, but there was a shooting right across the street the other night, so perhaps it’s not the best place for those who are easily spooked.  I, however, took self defense in college.

Anyone interested in some bowling?


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