First Hints of Spring

OH MY GOD this weekend is incredible.  Hard to believe that it snowed on Monday, considering that today was 80 and GORGEOUS.  It’s funny how I always forget how much I love spring until it’s been cold for a little too long and BAM!  A day like today hits.

Clearly had to make the most of it, cause who knows when it’s gonna shift and the snow’ll hit again.

EARLY MORNING WALKS WITH THE PUPS: 9.  I always think I like sleeping in so much, but getting up at 8 and walking the pups for a while was a really great way to start the day.  -1 because Murphy and Dakota are both pooping like crazy and I can’t seem to ever pack enough bags to do the trick.  Plus, it stinks.

BEACH VOLLEYBALL: 7.  For those of you who’ve never used, do it.  It’s the best thing I’ve discovered online in the past year.  Basically, it’s a pretty old website, but it’s used to connect people who have similiar interests.  It’s especially great for athletic things, as you obviously can’t play pickup sports with a small group of people.  It’s how I met most of my rock climbing friends here in the area, and also discovered a pick-up volleyball group.  We ‘met up’ today at Jaycee Park and played some doubles, triples and quads, mixing it up between games.  Overall it was great to be outside, and I clearly enjoy volleyball.  However, it did get pretty hot out, and jumping/running in sand is EXHAUSTING.  We also forgot our sunscreen, and let’s just say I definitely got a lot of color.  BUT, we did play better than last time and I love the people we play with.  Murph came with, and he was so exhausted by the end that he totally crashed when we got home.  PERFECT.


Murph on the way to volleyball, loving the convertible


AFTERNOON BIKE RIDE AND BEER: 10.  After I grabbed some lunch I figured it was still daylight and beautiful, so decided to hop on my new bike that’s only been on the road twice and head downtown via the Tobacco Trail.  Pretty sure I cut 5-10 minutes off my commute, and it sure felt good to be passing people instead of them passing me.  Nice to see so many people out and about though.

Met up with Jon at Tyler’s in the American Tobbaco District, and they have about 80 beers on tap.  We finally had a chance to catch up and enjoy a fabulous wheat beer from Maine (Allabash White- comes highly recommended).  Sat outside, and it was great people watching.  Reminded me a little bit of the need for more beer gardens in the state.  Then biked home just in time before the sun set.


If this is what spring has in store, I’m totally pumped 🙂



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