Triangle Area Burrito Challenge- Carrburitos!

Before I post the guest rating from Andy, let me give the challenge some context.  For the new year Andy and I decided to embark on a burrito rating challenge, traveling to all the local burrito joints and rating them according to the same scale so we can find the best burrito once and for all.   Now, on to the guest rating!

Burrito Stop #1: Carruburritos

Location: Carrboro, NC

By: Andy Giemza

Preface – I am not a writer, a blogger, nor a restaurant critic.  I do love burritos.  Why?  Because burritos are a perfect food.  If you are a fan of the gym or health in general, you should be a fan of the burrito.  Rice, beans, salsa, veggies, cheese – amazing/awesome.  The burrito encompasses the entire food pyramid in a perfect way.  That being said, the following is simply my interpretation of a restaurant/ burrito experience.

Carrburritos –  7.5 :

Pollo Asado Burrito – Marinated grilled chicken breast  –  Regular: Wrapped in a flour tortilla w/pinto or black beans, cheese, lettuce and salsa fresca.


1.  Nutrition: -1.  Who knows what the nutritional value of this food is?  Bummer.  While going to a local restaurant is awesome because you are, hopefully, supporting the community, they don’t post the nutritional information for their products.  It can be noted that while they grill their chicken and all the other ingredients look the same as what you would make at home… who knows?  It’s 2009, post that sh!t!

2.  Taste:  -1.5.  The chicken was dry.  The burritos peed on you at the end.  Are the ingredients that juicy?  I don’t want a soggy burrito friend.


3.  Price:  Okay, I am a slacker.  It has been so long that I can’t remember how much the food cost.  I seem to recall that it was around $10 a person.  Not too shabby.  Please know that a “serving” constitutes a burrito, chips/salsa and water.

4.  Chips/Salsa:  Amazing.  Carrburritos has flour chips.  If you haven’t tried them, you don’t know.  And you should.  There are many different types of salsa to try as well.  Great!  The chipotle salsa is aromatic and tastes smoky.  Delicious.


5.  Atmosphere:  Hippies.  Love’em.  Beautiful tattooed hippies.  Everyone there is nice.  Cool-ass people.  I was disappointed that the Art*O*Mat wasn’t working.  Big disappointment.  Who doesn’t want to pay a minimum for original art.  Although, I wonder what that original art may be.





There you have it folks.  I give Carrburritos a 7.5.  Eat there.  It’s good.  You’ll like it.  I’m sure of it.





  1. I’d have to say you are definitely not a food critic because you rated the taste of their burritos a -1.5 but yet you say go eat there and gave the overall rating a 7.5. Interesting…. Apparently for you atmosphere and chips can make up for a really bad main course.

  2. I’m suprised you hadn’t rated that Torrero’s no longer has that awesome bean dip to go with their chips. -10. Maybe if we make a bring back the bean dip petition they will reinstate it.

  3. “I’d have to say you are definitely not a food critic because you rated the taste of their burritos a -1.5 but yet you say go eat there and gave the overall rating a 7.5”

    I was going to comment on the same thing.

    Also, you know that the post really was written by Andy ’cause there’s mention of the gym followed by nutrition in the first couple sentences that he typed out.

  4. Don’t listen to her. The food is fantastic and the prices are reasonable. I would eat there every day if I had the chance. Definitely stop there on your tour of NC, because its an unforgettable place.

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