Skull Shift Knob

5.  It makes me happy that it makes BG happy, and I’m all about showing personality in your car (I was the one who insisted that when we were 16 and got our first car we had a leopard print steering wheel cover to go with it after all), but really?  A skull?

A little depressing, a little scary, and when you combine that with who’s driving the car (a giant dude with a lot of muscles) you might find people running in the opposite direction.  Which is not what they should be doing considering BG gives great hugs.  

Overall not a huge fan of the Skull but still a huge fan of BG 🙂




  1. Ouch… I go to share a new acquisition that I’m excited about, and it gets thrown up on your blog as a negative review with pity points and appeasing statements about my muscles…

    Apparently pieces of hot rod nostalgia are no longer “in”

  2. Point of clarification 1) 5 is not a negative rating. It’s a neutral rating.

    Point of clarification 2) I did tell you I was going to rate it…

    Point of clarification 3) If you don’t want people making appeasing statements about your muscles, maybe you and Andy shouldn’t talk about them all the time…

    Point of clarification 4) There were no pity points inolved. 0.

  3. Referring back to your original post, where you are “all about showing your personality in your car,” my opinion is that you are jealous of my super-cool new shifter knob. I would also like to build on the conversation by referring to a point made in other comments by arguing that in a society fueled by the need to be above average, a “mediocre” rating is as much of a negative rating as a carbonated beverage is “dehydrating.”

  4. I think it’s totally legit since it’s on a Wrangler, I believe, from the picture. I’m a huge fan of unique shift knobs, I have one, too, just nothing scary.

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