Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA Commercial

I think I may be about to adopt 5 more dogs after watching this commercial (just kidding Mom, don’t panic).  But seriously. Get some tissues, watch it, and start preparing for your new pet.

For effectiveness, 10.

For music choice, 9 (as soon as the song came on I knew it was going to be a serious, sad commercial)

For guilt I felt afterwards at not being able to adopt another pet, 3 (I get 3 points for already having adopted 1).

For the attractive rescue vet, 8.5.



  1. Agh! We saw this over the weekend, too!

    Snooky rates the commercial stipend requirement as 2.5, saying we can adopt 6 African orphans for less than $18/month.

    For overall exposure of Catholic guilt, 10 and climbing.

    For the lack of smiles on the dogs and cats, 2. I mean, really, at least at the end there could be more than one dog who gets to be happy.

    I completely agree with your rating of the music – that is what kept me on the commercial in the first place!

  2. From ASPCA’s 2007 Form 990 filed with the IRS.
    Edwin Sayres (President): $490,315
    Stephen Zawistowski (Exec VP Programs: $242,354
    Stephen Musso (Exec VP Ops): $252,018
    Jonelle Sullivan (SVP Develop/Comms): $202,194
    Stephen Eudene (SVP Finance): $201,456

    Each are stated to work 40 hours per week.

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