St. Patty’s Day Spirit at Vertical Edge

So clearly Tuesday night climbing was not to be missed, regardless of the holiday.  So I decided the least I could do was put on every piece of green clothing I own.  So I ended up with my kelly green Central Dauphin t-shirt, a lime green long sleeved shirt over it, my green L.L. Bean vest, plus my bright green scarf from Madrid.  I added my favorite green Rocket Dog sneakers and I was ready to go (and looking good if I do say so myself).  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture to share…

Turns out I wasn’t the only one with this idea, and the climbing gym was a sea of green.  There were a couple exceptions (Bill, you know who you are), but overall I was totally impressed.  I rate it an 8. 




  1. My pants were green – don’t argue about color with a graphic artist!

    I know these things. You sure you’re not color blind??

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