Tree Outside my Apartment

The first trees to bloom around me are these, which can be found all over my apartment complex.  Despite the weird smell (which I’m pretty sure is coming from them and is worth atleast -2), I LOVE them.  They remind me a little bit of a combination between the cotton fields in Gaston and the cherry blossoms in Tokyo and DC.  Therefore, they are one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  

This picture is taken at night, and they may look even better by starlight.


I rate them an 8.



  1. bradford pears? they were ALL over emory… and gave off a very distinctive fishy smell… you can imagine the heyday freshman boys had with that!
    so pretty though!

  2. see, I could rate them higher. but that’s because my allergies really ruin my sense of smell, so I can appreciate the pretty without the smell detracting from it. 🙂 had fun with you yesterday!

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