Foster’s in Chapel Hill

(Editors Note: While this says from ‘This morning’, this post is actually a week old.  That’s right, I’m so behind on my life right now that I’ve actually posted an event rating a week later.  I apologize to all those who may have been confused…)

This morning after our usual Sunday morning climb (at which I rated this adorable belay line a 8- they were SO cute, but it’s kind of sad that they’re all so excited to climb but have to wait in line) we headed over to the Foster’s Market in Chapel Hill rather than the traditional Weaver Street Market.  I’d say at the end of the experience it was a good one, with several unexpected surprises 🙂



FREE BREAKFAST: 10.  So I have the most serious of food envy issues.  Whenever I’m someplace with too many good options, I take forever deciding what I want to get, and then proceed to spend the rest of my meal looking at everyone else’s and wishing I had gotten that instead.  So after already ordering at Foster’s I went to the other register where Paul was ordering and discovered a bunch of other options.  I began explaining my envy issues to the woman working the counter, and a couple minutes later she walked by with a plate and asked me if it was mine.  I said no, since it wasn’t, but definitely wanted to know what was in the bowl (see below) because it looked SO good.  She told me it was the cheesy grits, and then walked away to find the actual owner.  About two minutes later she reappeared, and handed me the dish.  Apparently she couldn’t find the real owner and told me to enjoy it with my friends ….also, Jay is awesome.  I love it.  Does it get any better than that?


MY ACTUAL BREAKFAST: 4.  It was the special of the day, and I was hoping for good things, but really, it was super disappointing.  Came with only two pieces of fruit and like 3 potatoes.  Plus the actual omelette didn’t have enough cheese (although some points for offering an omelette with Brie) and it just didn’t taste that great.  Oh well.  I’m willing to try again. 




CELEBRITY SPOTTING: 5.5.  So seeing someone even slightly famous, anywhere, is always fun.  I’ve never been ne fo those people who has great celebrity encounters, so I take what I can get.  I remember meeting Bob Barker when I was page in the House of Representatives, and getting excited about all the political ‘celebrities’ there.   Other than that, I have had very few celebrity encounters.  Therefore this has to earn at least a 5.  But beyond that, seeing UNC basketball player Marcus Ginyard at Foster’s was relatively uneventful.  He’s not even an active player right now (due to injury) and I didn’t even know who he was before he walked in.  But either way, he’s sort of famous, especially right now seeing that UNC might win the tournament. You can see him there in the background behind Paul… he’s the small back of the head on the left.


FREE COOKIES: 6.  After Ben’s food took FOREVER, and he still hadn’t seen it, he finally went back up and asked.  The first time they assured him it was coming, but the second time they realized they had given it away to someone else.  They felt really bad so they told him to come back up for some free cookies.  He came back with 5!  And they were huge!  Perfect for our table of 5 🙂  However, the cookies weren’t all that good.  Too crunchy and not enough rich flavor.  But you can’t go wrong with free cookies.




BROWNIES THE SIZE OF MY FACE: 7.  Serious points just for making a brownie this large.  And for not putting any nuts in it.  But at the end of the day, it wasn’t the most delicious brownie I’ve ever tried.  


AND THEY SELL BAZOOKA: For only $.10.  It does not get any better than this. 9 (-1 since they lose flavor so quickly and I have to buy more than 1).  




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