A Night of Tens

I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people last night, as Jay, Paul and I headed over to Laura and Snook’s.  It was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits after a weekend of throbbing kidney pains (seriously, my couch and I were practically attached for WAY too long).   If you ever need your soul rejuvenated, these are the folks to talk to. I promise. 

After dinner was ready, Jay headed out to the picnic table first and as I was preparing my meal I noticed he was walking around clapping his hands.  For a minute I genuinely thought he might be trying to invite some local animals to join us.  When Laura, Paul and Snook joined in the watching it became even more entertaining.  He eventually sat down, never missing a beat with the clapping, and continued all by himself.  Laura video taped while Paul added some hilarious commentary, which made it all the perfect.  Most certainly a highlight of my week.  I’m on the edge about whether it’s -.5 for hurting my kidneys with all the laughing, but I think I’m going to stick with the 10. 

Homemade Lunches from Laura D: 10.  Absolutely no doubt. 

After we finished eating there were some leftover vegetables that Laura offered for us to take to lunch tomorrow.  We all accepted (these vegetables were DELICIOUS), and she then began cooking rice to go with it!  When Jay left a little early he left his lunch behind, but after calling him it was decided Paul and I would drop it off for him at the Southern Rail on the way home, where he was celebrating a friend’s birthday.  After a chain of jokes about how we would drop it off in a paper bag like back in elementary school, we decided to actually make him an elementary school brown bag lunch.  Complete, with an apple, cookies, his name on the front, and a loving note from ‘the fam’.  Again, almost too much laughing for my kidneys to handle, but just what my spirits needed. 

Paul and I got our own, and it was perhaps the best lunch I’ve had in ages.  Love notes make all the difference. 


Oh, and the heating pad Snook let me use and then sent me home with= 10.  I don’t know how I made it through a day without it.


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