Weaver Street Parenting

I’ll be honest.  I don’t exactly know how to rate this experience.  However I’m sure you all can offer some valuable thoughts.

While at Weaver Street Market yesterday enjoying lunch outside with some climbing buddies we noticed a father videoing his tiny little daughter (who you can see in the background of this picture).  I remember commenting on how cute that was.  He then disappeared.  For about 10 minutes we proceeded to watch the little girl along on the blanket, completely content just sitting there and playing with her toys.  We looked around, trying to figure out where the man with the video camera went, but it appeared he was nowhere to be found.  When her hood fell down, what appeared to be a random woman, came over and put it back up again.  So clearly we weren’t the only ones there wondering who would abandon their little girl in the middle of Weaver Street.

We debated going up and taking her, sure that this would bring the parents out of the woodwork, but ultimately decided they might not see the good intentions behind this.  So we left her alone.  Where she continued to sit, by herself, for probably another 10 minutes (am I exaggerating because my nervousness for her made it seem longer?  Perhaps.)

Eventually we figured out her family was sitting at a table nearby (probably about 10 feet away) just watching her.  So maybe what they were doing wasn’t such a bad idea after all, but really, it still seems a little weird to sit your baby down on a blanket all by herself in the middle of a public place.  Even if you are watching.



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