Dakota and Murph Update

So I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve updated you all on how the two of them are doing.  Things have continued to progress along, and I would say in a positive way. 

They have gone from Dakota just kind of ignoring Murphy to now actively playing with him.  While at first I worried this was aggression, I realized that they could go at it with their mouths and growling for 20-30 minutes and no one ended up hurt, which told me it was all in good fun. 

img_08551  img_08571

Right now, as I type, Murphy is running laps around the apartment as Dakota teases him.  Murphy has also discovered and realized Dakota’s skittishness when it comes to other dogs.  He knows the if Dakota hears a noise outside the door or window he will drop EVERYTHING (food, toys, bones, etc.) and run to the window.  So when Dakota has a bone or toy that Murphy wants, he walks up right beside Dakota and starts barking.  Dakota thinks something is going on and starts running towards the window to see what it is.  Murphy immediately takes the toy he wanted and sits down to enjoy. 

Whoever said he was dumb is wrong.  

And on the cuddle front, Tuesday morning while I was lying in bed recovering we moved a step forward.  See below.  I rate this family bed a 9.  -1 because of Dakota’s snoring.


Their friendship: 9



  1. love it.
    coco has a new buddy. ernie… he’s a tiny 3 month maltese and coco being the giant 6 month cockapoo… their playing usually ends up into a tragedy of ernie crying looking for me….

    When ernie’s around, I am usually woken up by bark,yelp, yelp, tiny dog jumping up and down trying to get my attention… :p

    1. Hahaha I love it and totally believe it. While neither is exactly crying for me, I am definitely woken up, or distracted, by the loud yelping and growling of their play. Good times…

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