Velveeta Macaroni and Cheese

In an effort to kill the craving yesterday, I decided to bite the bullet and go out and buy some Velveeta Mac and Cheese (my sister did always swear this was the good stuff).  

I was excited to see they now offer a 2% milk, reduced fat version.  One of the serious downsides of Velveeta is that since the cheese, butter, milk, etc. is already pre-mixed in the convenient cheese sauce packet, you don’t have the option to go healthier.  You can’t choose skim, or choose to cut out some butter (as I did with the Kraft).  But then again, I suppose that’s what makes it the good stuff.  So at least they offer a reduced fat version 🙂

At the end of the experience I would rate it a 3.  It tasted alright, but I felt sick about a half hour later, and hungry about 2 hours later.  So I ate the rest of the box.  Seriously?  An entire box of Mac and Cheese to myself?  UNNECESSARY.  I blame Velveeta. 

It did succeed in killing the craving however, as I never want to eat Mac and Cheese again.  Or at least for another 6 months.  That should earn at least 3 points. 




  1. velveeta mac and cheese is by far the best macaroni product around. I lived on that stuff in college. costco had a 5 pack of it and I was in heaven. sorry it made you sick, though.

  2. remind me to get you an actual factual mac&cheese recipe. It doesn’t take much time, you can modify to healthify as much as possible, and it whips the pants off of anything from a box.

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