Awesome Coffee Maker at UNC

8.  I was at the Career Services office on UNC’s campus Wednesday and Thursday of this past week, getting to select next year’s corps members.  It was awesome to get to meet so many incredible UNC seniors, who were genuinely inspiring.  But more important than that was the amazing coffee maker I discovered the second day on campus.  

Rather than your traditional coffee pot and beans, this machine brews only one cup at a time.  You select (from the right) the type and flavor of coffee (or tea!) that you want, and you place it in this compartment up top.  You close the compartment, place the cup below, and BAM!  10 seconds later you have your own personal, freshly ‘brewed’ cup of coffee or tea.  BRILLIANT if you ask me.  No clean-up required, and you don’t have to brew more than you actually want (I always struggle to figure out how much makes just 1 cup of coffee, and then end up drinking 2-3 cups.  Definitely not necessary).  

-2 because the cups they provided were styrofoam, and I can only imagine this machine causes a lot of unnecessary waste.  I’m guessing it’s probably the least green way to make coffee.  Now I feel guilty for loving it as much as I did…



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  1. I’m a tea-drinker, fascinated with all things coffee and tea. I’ve come across this curious coffee-flavored tea and wonder what true coffee drinkers think of it. Or is there such a thing as tea-flavored coffee?

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