Dog Attack

I arrived in DC at about 8 last night to visit Han.  She wasn’t home from work yet so I took the dogs out of the car to let them go to the bathroom.  About 1 minute after I got them out two guys walk out of the downstairs apartment with a dog… with no leash.  Fabulous.  The dog immediately runs over and before he gets to us I manage to get out that he doesn’t like other dogs, but by that point it’s too late.  Dakota freaks out and ends up with the other dog’s head in his mouth.  I wrestle with the two dogs, pry Dakota’s mouth open, and finally get the other dog loose.  By this point I’ve dropped Murphy’s bag of poop and it’s all over the sidewalk, one of my shoes is on the other side of the sidewalk and I’m straddling Dakota, still barely able to control him.  

I looked into Pet Behavior Help (a specialized trainer near my house) and she said she could totally fix it but it would take 4-6 sessions, at $100 EACH!  Are you kidding me?!?  

Any other suggestions?

I rate this experience a 0.  I can’t come up with anything good about it.


One comment

  1. You should have given at least a point or two to Dakota for not actually harming the dog in a head lock. Maybe even some points for you for how well you handled it and how you didn’t get hurt shoving your hands in his mouth.

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