First Volleyball Game(s) of the Season


Since moving to Durham I’ve found quite a few pickup sand volleyball opportunities.  There are a couple meetups, and through them I’ve met people who play in different leagues, etc. so it quickly became easy to find a game.  And this has been a great way to get outside, stay active (and get some color!) as well as meet some great people in the area.

However, I forgot how much I love indoor volleyball (especially compared to beach) until tonight.  Just being on a hardwood floor with an indoor ball made me instantly happy.  Then when we started to play I refound my competitive spirit, and my love of setting.  When playing beach I find it easy to be a real casual, play for fun type player.  But when I hit an indoor court, it becomes difficult to maintain that same attitude.  I’m just used to playing indoor competitively, and I know how to play.  I know the rules, I know what a good game should look like, and that’s the way I like it.

Unfortunately, while tonight was incredible, this became a bit difficult for me.  The first team we played was a bit sketchy, and I would describe them as 1.5 serious players, and then about 4 who didn’t really know a lot about the sport.  They could play alright, but we would catch them foot faulting, carrying the ball, and serving out of rotation.  This is so much more frustrating to me than low level of play.  If you’re going to join a competitive league, play by the rules.  Otherwise I get frustrated, eventually have to say something, and look like the bad guy.

But all in all I had a great time, and really enjoyed my team.  We won the first match in a tie-breaking game, 17-16 (there was a 17 point cap).  It felt good to beat them, I’m not gonna lie.

Because the first game went over Heather had  to leave early to make sure she didn’t miss the start of the Michigan State game, and Mark also had to be somewhere.  So we were down to 4.  The captain of the other team offered to play with only 4, but I insisted they play with 6.  They whooped us the first game, but we came back and beat them pretty well the second game.  We ended up winning again in a tie-breaker game 17-16.  And again, it felt really good.  And with 4 none-the-less.

All this considered, I would rate our first game of the season a 7.  -1 for sketchy play, -1 for losing a couple folks early, and -1 for a bit of confusion on our side since it was our first game together.  I’m pumped for the rest of the season with the Killer Bees.  And I’m looking into black and yellow striped knee socks which would be INCREDIBLE.



  1. i love it! My dad actually called me and a friend of mine the “killer bees” during 6th grade basketball. We couldn’t play offense worth a darn, but we were great at stealing. He had sweatshirts made and everything:)

  2. We’ll have to play together some time, you should play in the meet up I’m a part of. We play outdoor and indoor. I’ll send you an invite, even though I think I have like 5 times already. Everyoe knows the rules. All of the players are pretty good but don’t take it so serious that they start yelling at everyone or want to fight over if the ball hit the line or not.

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