I’ve recently decided to start testing Murphy to see if he’s ready for some out-of-crate experiences.  When I leave to run to the grocery store I’ll leave him out with Dakota and see if everything is in place when I return.  So far those have been goign really well.  So the other night I left him out and when I came home in the morning he was sleeping peacefully on my giant bucket chair, with no trash, paper or anything shredded on my floor.  Tonight when I left for volleyball I came home to find him sitting peacefully on this chair.

-1 because there’s no way I can get him to make the connection between ‘I behaved tonight so that’s why I get to stay out of my crate tomorrow’.  Therefore the positive consequence of giving him more freedom doesn’t really register as a positive consequence… if only dogs had critical thinking skills.


One comment

  1. I can’t believe I havent commented in forever!
    Yay for murph…
    PS, my roommate just got a new puppy… if you’re trying to introduce dakota to other dogs, i’m sure camden would oblige 🙂


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