I can’t believe that I haven’t yet blogged about my love of Chick-Fil-A…

So here it is.  Before our volleyball game tonight Heather and I attempted to find a restaurant called Italian Cafe that we discovered in the coupon book.  It said it was right near where our game was, however my iPhone GPS decided to stop working right as we approached it.  We drove around for a while but couldn’t find it so we headed to the Chick-Fil-A.  Dinnere there= 9.  Here’s why:

1.  Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich: This sandwich is by far the healthies option of all fast food restaurants.  At only about 230 calories and like 4-5 grams of fat, you can’t beat it.  They even serve it on a whole wheat bun without the mayonnaise.  Plus, it’s delicous.

2. Waffle Fries: Since the chicken sandwich is so healthy, you can then cancel it out with their incredible waffle fries.  They tie Arby’s curly fries for my favorite fries ever.

3. Lite Lemonade: Only restaurant I know that has Lite Lemonade on tap.  Love it.

4. My Pleasure: I never noticed this until Brian pointed it out, but at all Chick-Fil-A’s whenever you thank them they always respond with ‘My Pleasure’.  The company has a huge emphasis on customer service, even showing up in word choice, and it’s totally noticeable in every Chick-Fil-A you go to.

5. Bendy straws: Last but not least, notice the bendy straw in the picture.  Not a huge deal, but sometimes it’s the small things that matter.


If you’ve never been there, go.  If you haven’t been recently, go again.  I heart Chick-Fil-A.  I may have just talked myself into upping their score to a 10.



  1. I’m a huge chick-fil-a fan myself and have learned that they even say ‘my pleasure’ on the phone! However, deliciousness aside, I think the highest they can get is 9.5 until they stop using those icky styrofoam cups!

    1. Oh man I totally meant to take a point off for that! I can’t believe I forgot but was thinking when they handed me the tray “-1 for styrofoam”…

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