Hurricane’s Game

Teach For America recently got a pretty sweet donation, and along with it came 125 donated Canes tickets.  Considering my passion for Sparta Praha while living in Prague, this made me super excited.  While I wish I could go to see more hockey games in the states, tickets aren’t quite $1 like they were in the good old Czech Republic.  But how can you say no when they’re free!?


The stadium was awesome and while we were up on the second floor we had a great view!  Although I must admit I wasn’t pay a lot of attention, seeing as it can get pretty boring when you’re kicking their butts (FINAL SCORE= 9-0, SHOTS ON GOAL= 57-12).  But it didn’t matter thanks to the great company and entertaining atmosphere.

SCORING A FREE CHICKEN FINGER OFF LISA AND RICHARD: 8.  I forgot how ridiculously expensive food is at these things.  At first I was set on starving my way through, but then we decided to split a healthy turkey sandwich and fries.  Seemed like the smartest choice considering the lack of options, but when Lisa and Richard’s chicken fingers arrived right next to me I had serous food envy.  Nothing smells as good as fried chicken.  I can’t ever bring myself to order it because I know how bad it is for me, but it smelled SO GOOD.  So when Lisa and Richard offered me one I couldn’t resist. -1 for the unhealthiness, and -1 for the amount it left me regretting my decision of a turkey sandwich.  But overall it was DELISH.


RICHARD’S VICTORY DANCE: 9.  Every time the Canes scored (which was a lot) Richard would jump up and do a little victory dance.  I love it.  Perhaps you can understand the true beauty only if you know Richard, but seeing someone so excited about hockey, and the Canes, made the whole night that much better.  If only he could have gotten more people to join along…



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  1. 10 for a friend giving you free tickets to your first hockey game:) Loved it! and hey free tickets made the ridiculous food prices a little more bearable (only a little).

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