Backyard BBQ Pit

Yesterday I had a comp day, which as Amanda so eloquently described it, is like playing hooky from work.  Since my mom was in town we headed over to NC State to get some things settled for next year (which resulted in getting absolutely nothing done).  On the way home we tried to find a BBQ place in Raleigh that I have a coupon for, but weren’t extremely successful.  My mom was hoping to try some Eastern NC BBQ, so we searched on her GPS and found this one.  On the GPS it was called ‘Lewis’s BBQ’, but when we arrived it appears to actually be called the Backyard BBQ Pit.


It appeared to be a bit of a dive from the outside, which was totally encouraging.  And in this case you can judge a book by its cover.  This place was INCREDIBLE.  If you live in the Triangle, you must go.


Above you can see my mom’s meal of a BBQ sandwich, cole slaw, sweet potatoes and some free hush puppies the guy threw in for free since it was her first time.  Below that you can see my dark chicken, macaroni and cheese, and hush puppies.  My fried okra was delivered shortly after the picture was taken.  Clearly -1 for hte fact that my arteries must have been super clogged when I left, but taste and cost give it tons of points.  All this cost about $10.

Again, YOU MUST GO.  And sooner rather than later.  This Sunday is customer appreciation day, and from 1-6 they’re throwing three pigs on the grill and all the food is free.  They advised us to get there early.

Overall score =9.  -.5 for service that was a bit too friendly (AKA if you’re a girl prepare to be hit on), and -.5 for the artery clogging fried food (only -.5 because part of the friedness is what made it hit the spot).




  1. You need to do a Review of The Big Easy down town, try their shrimp po’boy. The Louisiana pretzel is awesome too.

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