Easter Dinner

Perhaps this should be rated as one stop on my journey towards adulthood. I’ve mentioned before there are several key parts to becoming a ‘true’ adult, and while I haven’t found my dish yet, I did host Easter dinner 🙂

My mom was in town, as were Brian’s parents. Add to that a little Laura, Snooky, Paul and Sarah and you have one of the best Easter dinners ever. Overall I rate it a 9.5. (-.5 for Dakota’s nervousness around large groups of people which led to him peeing all over the floor. I SWEAR this never happens other then when people are over. How embarassing.)

No Easter is complete without an Easter egg hunt or egg dying. I’m so sad that Paul threw out the brilliant idea of putting eggs at the top of the climbing routes for our Sunday morning climb AFTER we were already there. However, I am certainly storing that one away for next year. -1 for no Easter egg hunt. Plus 7 for egg dying. It was a little difficult to actually get the eggs to dye very dark, and if I were to do it again I would use vinegar instead of lemon juice. Apparently that’s the trick for anyone planning on dying eggs before next Easter. -2 for Murphy getting a hold of not one, but two of the dyed eggs. Go figure. I’m not even quite sure what that leaves us with… perhaps a 6 for Easter egg dying?


FAMILY DINNER: 10. I genuinely love the ‘create your own family’ aspect of being an adult. This Easter I got to combine my real family (at least one of them 🙂 with my brilliant Chapel Hill/Durham family. Seeing everyone have so much fun together was incredible. For dinner we all crowded around my small coffee table (proving my point that I don’t really need to crowd my apartment with a kitchen table), and followed it up with TWO games of Euchre going on simultaneously. Who knew that if you brought 10 people together ALL of them would know how to play Euchre?!? I rate that a 10.


LAURA’S PEEPS CAKE: 9. When Laura asked to bring dessert, since she had a plan for a cake mixing both Chocolate and peeps, I was pumped. What an appropriate Easter treat. Then add in a surprise lemon cake underneath, and I’m officially in heaven. Definite points for the fact I think I could actually make it! -1, however, for the fact that no one else seemed to enjoy the Peeps as much as I did, so I ended up with about 5 to my one piece of cake…


MY BLOGGING THIS WEEK: 1. While I’ve been rating things in my head, and through e-mail, I haven’t been able to find the time to blog. I could blame the family visit, or general business, but really I just haven’t made it possible. Sorry…


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