I know everyone’s heard of it, but I had never actually been to a Cook Out until this past weekend.  On the way down to Charlotte we were craving some good ice cream, so decided to stop at a Cook Out to try their famous milkshakes.  While I had heard they were good, I had no idea they had 40 different flavors!  I tried the Oreo Mint (on the way there) and the Peanut Butter Cup (on the way back).  Yeah, so we stopped both ways.  It was that good.  Only advice= have a spoon ready.  Not easy to eat while driving (-1) because they’re SO thick.  Be more prepared for a Blizzard than a milkshake.  But if you’re in the right mental place, these are incredible.


Plus, all their meals can come with a side of corndogs.  If only they had an actual corn dog meal so you could order a corndog with two sides of corndogs…

-1 because I don’t have any coupons… TOTAL SCORE OF FIRST COOK OUT EXPERIENCE= 8.



  1. Seriously?! You just deducted a point for lack of coupons? Cookout is so reasonably priced that is as though the company has built in coupons to the price. As a result, you never have to worry about forgetting your coupons at home or misplacing them, which you are prone to do. Instead, you always get the benefit of fantastic food for a great deal. You can’t beat the $4.25 Cookout combo meal, and then you can even add a shake for only $1! Really. Compare the side of fries at any standard fast food restaurant with the 2 delicious sides from which there are several options. You’d pay $5.50 or so at any standard fast food restaurant. Given that Cookout prices are on average $1 less than you would pay elsewhere, consider that your coupon is already built into the unbeatable deal. I’d even go so far as to challenge the comparison to Chick-Fil-A shakes as far as variety, quality, and value.

    I feel pretty passionate about my Cookout 🙂

    1. Clearly! Point taken about the built in coupon. -1 for you, as I now will be craving Cookout for the rest of my work day.

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