US National Whitewater Center

So after the morning climb Rodney and Kim met up with us for lunch at their outdoor/indoor restaurant where they had sweet potatoe fries 🙂  DELICOUS.



Brian headed out on one of their mt. bike trails (and was a huge fan… perhaps he can contribute his own rating for anyone interested) while Kim, Rodney and I walked around.  I whipped out my iPhone and sure enough, there were several geocaches hidden in the area.  Beacuse of the high muggle population it made it slightly more challenging, which made it even more exciting when Kim and Rodney found their first geocache!


M Wave


It's hidden right below those rocks!

My iPhone isn’t always the most reliable when it comes to the compass, so this one was mostly found based off of the hint.  It said “Find under three rock pile near the M wave”.  Now we had no idea what the M wave was, and you can imagine there were a lot of rocks around, but after some creative thinking we realized it had to be one of the waves the kayakers were playing on, and probably a larger one if it received its own name.  We finally found one that a woman was watching, and we asked her if this was the M wave.  It was indeed, and we started looking under all the three rock piles.  Not long after that we found the cache!  We snuck it out and took it over to the woods to explore and sign the log, before stealthily returning it for the next cacher 🙂


After the caching we did some people watching while waiting for Brian to return, and then Kim and Rodney headed home while we hit up the climbing wall again.  It was one of those perfect days where at the end of it your body is just exhausted and you feel like you’ve really accomplished something 🙂  Despite the poor rating of the climbing wall, I would definitely return.

FORGETTING, YET AGAIN, TO PUT ON SUNSCREEN: 2.  At least I’m not as pale as I used to be…



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  1. I have been to the National Whitewater Center for research with work and it is an awesome place. They had some guys from the national team training while we were there and they have some really great activities there. That’s awesome that you got to go!!

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