Dakota’s Farts

It’s no secret to anyone who has ever spent time in my apartment or around my dogs that Dakota farts.  ‘Air poops’ actually.  You know, where it smells SO bad you could swear that one of them has actually pooped somewhere and then hid it so well you can’t seem to find it.

Well tonight when out on a walk I had him sit down (which I frequently do while walking just to exert my dominance, clearly) and he almost immediately let out a squeak.  The first out loud fart I’ve ever heard come from that dog, and I swear, it was HILARIOUS.  I couldn’t stop laughing.

The next time I had him sit down he did it again, but twice.  One louder, longer one followed by a small short one.  This time I couldn’t control myself and he was just looking up at me with these innocent eyes like ‘What did I do?  Why are you laughing at me?’  Most adorable thing ever, and it was then that I realized it’s totally socially acceptable for dogs to fart.  I still think it’s funny.

I rate it a 9.  It didn’t smell, it didn’t leave anything behind, it was so funny it was the highlight of my night, and his expression was priceless.  -1 because no one was there with me to enjoy the humor, and I couldn’t capture it on camera to watch over and over whenever I have a bad day.  Maybe I can train him to fart on command…

Did I seriously just turn 25?


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