Murph’s Photo Shoot


Back in December a good friend of mine, Carrie Richardson, did some free mini-shoots to jump start her new photography business. She partnered up with her friend Nichole, and the two of them shot all day at Pullen Park, doing families, couples, babies, and of course, puppies ūüôā I couldn’t turn down the offer of a free photo shoot with Murph, and of course to help out a friend. And I loved it!


Pullen Park had a ton of great places to pose, although honestly some of the best pictures were ones were you couldn’t even see the background, but they just captured it perfectly. ¬†The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes, and we got pictures on benches, in flowers, on a slide, and yes, even with Murph in the kiddy swing. ¬†Perhaps that was my all time favorite, as he sat still the entire time contemplating how he was going to get out. ¬†

I am going to take off half a point based off of the pure awkwardness that comes with any photo shoot. ¬†Not really their fault, but still detracts from the experience a little bit. ¬†I’m not entirely comfortable posing, and unless someone tells me exactly where to put my hands, face, legs, etc. I usually end up looking pretty stupid. They did a great job though of setting me up so I don’t really look stupid in any of the pictures (other than the unavoidable, of course), so I’ll only take off half a point. ¬†Plus, some might say Murph can be a bit rambunctious, yet there were still tons of great shots. ¬†Taught me a little about how well behaved he can be when the right treat is waiting on the other side of the camera…


That and it was completely free.  I ended up with the soft copies of tons of great pictures, including some black and white, and other fun edited pictures (like several that were black and white with one focus area of color), for nothing. It made great Christmas gifts for my family, and all I had to do was buy a frame to put them in (thanks to another great connection who happens to work someplace with a photo printer)!


The reason I choose to reminisce now is because Carrie is offering the mini-photo shoots again, and I know lots of people were asking me about the original photos.¬† She’ll be doing them on May 9 at Duke Gardens, and still has some space left.¬† While this time they won’t be free (I suppose the famous photographers can’t give away free work forever), she HAS created the JANICE SPECIAL! ¬†If you have any reason to get nice pictures taken, this is definitely your chance.¬† You can email her to get times at¬† (And no, I’m not getting paid to advertise… I just really loved the pictures :))



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