Funfetti Brownies

Needless to say, anything with funfetti in it is above a 5.  It also must be said the the quality of brownies is largely determined by how long you cook them for.  If you take them out a bit early you find yourself with warm, gooey insides, a little longer leaves them more solid and a little bit crispy.  So I would say my own baking skills had something to do with the deliciousness of the brownies.

The funfettis were basically mini M&Ms, rather than the classic sprinkle-like funfettis of the normal cake.  Great when you were eating the batter, but once cooked they just became like melted chocoalte chips inside the already chocolatey brownies.  To me this defeated the purpose of funfetti.  So other than that they were classic brownies made better by my baking.  However I will add 1 on for how good the batter was with the crunchy funfetti in it.  Total score= 7.



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