Thursday Night Bulls Games

Jon recently introduced me to something pretty fabulous.  The Thursday night Bulls game.  It turns out every Thursday is ‘Family Night’ which means they sell $1 hot dogs, $1 fries and $1 popcorn.  Considering that each of these is essential to a great baseball game, and normally goes for around $5, this is HUGE, and incredible.  So when he invited me, with $2.50 tickets from his work, I clearly was all about it.


Okay, so I clearly waited a little too long to take the picture, as most of the food is now missing... you get the point.

-1 because the beer was still full price.  That’s the only piece that was missing to make an awesomely cheap and fabulous baseball game. Overall the game earns an 8.  The other point off is for sitting right behind home plate where a net prevented us from catching any foul balls.  What am I supposed to have them autograph now???


FUNNEL CAKE SELLING MAN: Jon and I had a long debate on what we would rate this one funnel cake seller in particular.  A very distinctive guy with a ponytail, a loud, prominent voice, and a unique smile, he stood out immediately but I didn’t really think about it until Jon prompted me to rate him.  Ultimately we came up with this:

While a great salesman (made apparent by the number of times we saw him walk by with a full tray, and then a tray with only one or two left), I do think he left something to be desired in terms of one-on-one people interaction.  I’m not gonna lie, I was on the brink of paying the five bucks for funnel cake the entire game, but my rational side convinced me it wasn’t worth it.  One extra push from him would have put me over the edge, no doubt.  I would venture to say he would sell even more if he would approach people individually.  Other than that I had no complaints.  He seemed to love his job, which I enjoyed, and he seemed happy and energetic the entire game (no 7th inning slow down for this guy).  He was very quick and efficient with what he did (as you can see by the picture), and I think his distinctive look added a little something.  His identity is protected by the picture, but I would recommend keeping your eye out for him the next time you’re at a Bulls game.

Overall= 9.



One comment

  1. This looks like WAY too much fun!! I am jealous!! There is something so right abut $1 french fries! I know I wasn’t there, but I would think the great weather (yes?) and the fabulous company should bump the game up to a 9. Am I overstepping my bounds here???

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