Decision to Finish off the Night with Cook Out…


I think the decision to get a Cook Out milkshake is always the right choice, naturally putting it above a five.  However, of all the times we’ve impulsively decided to stop by Cook Out, this one I may regret the most.  I didn’t realize how full I really was from Red Robin until I added a Mint Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup milkshake (yeah, it really exists.  That’s why I love Cook Out SO much.) to the mix.  I am now suffering, and swear to do it never again.  Until next time.  Tuesday night after climbing anyone?




  1. Does the Mint Reese’s PB Cup Shake fit under Cook Out’s “Fancy Milkshakes” category? Sounds a little gross to me, but ANY ice cream is worth the stomach ache 🙂

  2. I’m glad you’re rating the decision to go to Cookout and not the Milkshake itself as these are very different things. I have no doubt the milkshake was at least an 8, whereas sometimes the decision to go to Cookout itself can run the full gamut of ratings because it’s so dependent on timing. I could see why post-Red Robin timing would make an otherwise great decision just an ok one.

    1. Exactly. The milkshakes are always a high rating- that’s a given 🙂 Remember that night we drove around trying to find a Cook Out before I even really knew how truly great they were? Good times.

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