Red Robin


After celebrating Lisa’s graduation and birthday this afternoon with some fabulous climbing friends, we decided to head out for some dinner.  Because the weather here was so beautiful, we decided to find someplace where we could sit outside.  I haven’t been to Red Robin since high school I think (okay, maybe on a trip or two home from college), when Joann and I used to regularly go for lunch during our ‘intern’ experiences.  I was reminded tonight of the many reasons we loved it so much.

1) We showed up tonight, on a nice Saturday night, and got seated immediately, outside on the patio.  Pretty good for Brier Creek 🙂

2) Once we started perusing the menu, it took forever to decide.  That’s because of how many awesome sounding burgers they have on their menu.  You want a different combo?  Just ask for it- each one of them is made to order.  Not to mention (for all you who were wondering about all this burger talk) you can substitute a Boca burger in any one of them, so instead of just one ‘Gardenburger’ option, you can sub it into any of their crazy burgers.  Definite points for that.

3) Their steak fries are bottomless.  That’s right, unlimited refills on fries.  Haven’t found that anywhere else I’ve ever been.  And while you don’t really need that many fries, it’s nice to know you have the option 🙂

4) The service was great.  Our server was a little awkward and nerdy, but efficient and prompt. Plus, he was hilarious to watch as the porch got busier and he was hustling around trying to serve all six tables.  He also refilled my water before I even realized it was getting low- always a sign of a good server.

5) Small things are important, and I love that Red Robin wraps half my burger in white paper, making it easier to hold, it doesn’t drip on me, and it keeps the large burger together.  I love that about Red Robin.


While there are clearly a lot of things I love about Red Robin, a couple things that are also worth noting.

1) My burger wasn’t all that great.  I loved that I could get a ‘gourmet’ burger on a Boca burger, it was a bit dry.  Maybe that’s because I had them put the mayonnaise on the side, but for taste of tonight’s burger I’d probably give it a 5.  Brian, however, spoke highly of his, and was excited about having guacamole on a burger.  So I’d say this depends a lot on your burger choice, and any modifications you make.

2) The large burger, plus the unlimited fries left me feeling pretty full afterwards.  And I suppose the Cook Out milkshake on the way home may have been the straw that broke the camels back…

3) The price.  I suppose these days $10 for a meal isn’t that bad (especially when it’s huge and the fries are unlimited), however I suppose I was spoiled with years of Chef Geoff’s $5 burgers.  So I think it’s a bit pricey, and that might prevent me from stopping by more often.

I think overall I would rate our Red Robin experience tonight an 8.  If you haven’t been there, you need to give it a try.  If you have been before, it might be time to go back 🙂

Happy Saturday!



    1. I agree. Perhaps a little Bill and Claudia could have distracted me from the rather dry boca burger and bumped the rating up to a 9…

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