41 people RSVPing to Tonight’s Climbing Meetup!


I think it’s great that many people are interested in climbing, and that more people are actively coming out! I take off a couple points for the following:

  • When the group’s smaller, there’s a better chance you’ll actually get to meet, and know, the new people. These days, because it’s getting so big, I just stick to my climbing buddies, and haven’t met anyone new there in a while. That’s kind of a bummer.
  • You have to wait in serious lines for routes! When it’s that busy, you don’t always have your choice of routes. Sometimes you just take what’s open, but if there’s a certain route you’re working on, or anxious to give a try, you may have to wait 10-15 minutes (if not longer).
  • The more people, the more beta. Along with long lines comes larger audiences. And along with audiences inevitably comes some beta. Folks are watching, and with the best of intentions, really want to help you out. So they start by ‘making you aware’ of holds they think you can’t see. Then it moves to advice on your next move. And pretty soon they’ve solved the whole route for you. Great. Thanks. That was fun. Harder to tell a stranger to shut up than an old buddy.

However, definitely above a five as I love climbing, and I love climbers! See you all tonight!


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