Citrus Themed Framily Dinner

So I didn’t realize quite how behind I was on my blogging until I plugged my iPhone into my computer and saw some of the pictures I had taken with the intention of rating them.  The first, and most important (clearly), is that of our last framily dinner.

Since Laura and Snook are often generous enough to open up their home to Paul, Jaye, and I (and others, of course) I decided to host last week.  And given how much I love themes, I decided to make it a themed framily dinner.  Paul and I decided on ‘citrus’ while at City Bev the week before, and so it was.

THE PUPS KITCHEN BEHAVIOR: 6.  Slightly above a five, as what you see here is what we got for most of the cooking.  However it did come from frequent reprimanding when they stepped foot over the line.  I was impressed overall 🙂


PAUL’S CLAM APPETIZER: 10!  It was INCREDIBLE!  And I must say, the last two dishes Paul has contributed to dinners have been impressive.  Neither have been store bought, and this one he put a lot of time into making it gourmet and scrumptious (and since the power was out at his apartment I got to witness it, and my apartment benefited from the smell of the cooking).  He did one dish in a lime sauce, and one in an orange sauce.  To be honest, I liked them both evenly, but others had some strong opinions on which they preferred.


LAURA’S MERINGUE DESSERT: I know I’m risking some criticism in doing this, however I would rate this a 10 too!  Not only was it deliciously citrusy on the bottom, but she also left the top (beaten and heated egg whites) undone, which meant we all got a turn at blowtorching it!  Since I’ve never torched a dessert before, it was interactive, fun, educational AND delicious.  Plus the torching contest that followed with the left over meringue, a torch, and Snook’s commentating, was one of the highlights of the night 🙂

MY ABILITY TO USE VIDEOS OFF MY CAMERA: 0.  I got some great video of the torching contest, and can’t seem to get it to the right format on my Mac to put it up on YouTube and embed it here.  Suggestions anyone?  It’s a Pentax Option A10…


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