Last Night’s Decision to go to Cook Out After Climbing…

IMGP0093 10.

Seriously.  After much thought, I can’t come up with anything bad about this decision.  Yeah, it cost money.  But $5 for the absolutely incredible Mint/Oreo/Reese’s Cup shake, and the Orange Push Up/M&M shake?  Might as well be free.

Plus, there was less than a five minute wait, 40 ‘fancy’ flavors to choose from, and great company!

RICHARD’S DECISION TO GET VANILLA: 1.  Okay, so you’ve been craving a vanilla milkshake.  I’ll give you a point for that.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll add a point since I’m sure Cook Outs is the best vanilla shake in a 10 mile radius of Vertical Edge.  But really Richard?!  Vanilla!??!?  THEY HAVE 40 FLAVORS!  This is Cook Out- you don’t do vanilla when you can mix and match from 40 FLAVORS!  It’s just wrong.


MY DECISION TO GET MINT/OREO/REESE’S CUP: 7.  I decided to veer from the classic Mint with Reese’s Cup (which reminds me of my childhood days at Friendly’s eating Mint Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cup Sundaes), and throw some Oreos into the mix.  Why not?  I like all three, so how can I not like all three together?  That thinking was pretty logical, and served me fairly well.  I would say the downside was with the creator.  Whoever made it went heavy on the Oreos, and light on the Reese’s Cup.  Considering my favorite part is the Reese’s Cups, this made me a little sad.  But maybe it was the same amount of Reese’s Cup as usual, but it was overpowered by the Oreo.  Either way, I’d do it again.  It just wasn’t all that I had hoped it could be.

Overall the decision to go still remains a 10.  As you can see, I’m not the only one to feel that way…




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  1. i love how there are 2 posts on this page saying “decision to finish the night off with cook out…”

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