Warren Dunes, Lake Michigan

After the great wine tours, we headed to the nearby Warren Dunes State Park before the sun went down. I’ve heard a lot about the dunes, but during our January visit there ended up not being enough time. When we arrived, I saw what appeared to be sand mountains in front of us. I suddenly became intimidated knowing that Brian had every intention of hiking them…

And hike to the top we did. And crawled. And stopped. And hiked some more. Let me clarify. That was me. Brian ran to the top. Of course. Who knew it would be so hard to hike up sand? Well friends, it is. I rate the actual hike a 3.

But once we got to the top it was totally worth it. The view was great, and due to the suny weather it was great place to relax. I was also finally talked into doing some long jumping off the side. Because it’s so steep you fly off the edge and keep going. But because it’s all sand, once you land you just sink in. While I never got totally over the fear, it was still pretty cool.

To get down, you start running and it’s impossible to stop. At first I was scared, but after Brian got to the bottom these two 8 year olds at the top gave me some encouraging words. Eventually I got started and they continued to yell after me the whole way. I made it down safely, and it was fun enough to encourage us to hike to the top again before leaving.




Once back down on earth, I finally learned how to play Bocce ball (thanks for the correct spelling Dan), and on the beach no less. For those who haven’t played, I definitely enjoyed it. As a game, I’d rate it an 8. It’s super easy to transport, and can be played almost anywhere. It’s easy to catch on to, and almost everyone can play. -1 because it’s not super active (however that does lend itself to the ‘everyone can play’ part), and -1 because it can only go on for so long before it would get a little boring. But for 30 minutes to an hour, this is an awesome game.

SHOT BELOW: 10. How do you get any better than that? Too bad my ball is the green one in the edge of the picture…


SUNSET OVER LAKE MICHIGAN: 10. Or any lake that is. Nothing beats a sunset over a body of water. Can’t wait to go to Maine in a week šŸ™‚



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