Susan Boyle

I’m a huge sucker for underdogs. Whether it’s a team comeback victory, or an individual athlete story, I can’t control my emotions. I also love happy endings. A lot. So I’m actually surprised I didn’t get sucked up by the whole Susan Boyle story sooner. Not until today, when I heard about her final performance on the radio, did I actually venture to YouTube to watch the videos. I’m sitting here on my couch where I should be doing work, but am instead tearing up at every performance I can find on YouTube. Everyone needs to watch this story.

Three favorite parts of this video:

1. After the first line of the song, the shot of Simon where he raises his eyebrows, and the woman (sorry, don’t know her name) with her arms above her head drops her jaw. Literally.

2. When the entire audience bursts into applause after only a couple lines of the song. Seriously, how can you not get goosebumps when people are that supportive? Imagine how great she feels. THAT makes my heart smile.

3. Last, when Simon, near the end of the song, is sitting with his chin on his hands and a smile on his face, like he’s a total smitten kitten. Someone who can win over the most cynical (and sometimes mean) person I’ve ever seen is truly incredible. I love you Susan.

Right after she started, and stumbled on the first few notes, I got scared. And then she recovered and rocked one of my favorite songs ever. Wasn’t as emotional as the first one because it was a bit expected, but it’s still so great to see the support she’s getting from everyone.



  1. thanks for posting this, i saw the first one but hadn’t seen the others. she’s amazing and i LOVE that she sings showtunes:) so hate that she lost…

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