Subletting Your Apartment


I think I’ve decided that overall this is a good idea.  Since thinking about leaving for the summer about a month back I decided to throw a post on Craigslist advertising a furnished, homey apt. available for a couple of months.  Didn’t know if that was the kind of thing that people were interested in, and it turns out it is!  Got a ton of replies, and finally found a nice couple just graduated from UNC.  While it is above a 5, and therefore something I would do again, it has not been my favorite thing ever.

As I’ve been wrapping up my current job with TFA, and doing prep work for my summer job in LA, I’ve also been packing up everything for the summer (in multiple bags to seperate road trip from LA) and thoroughly cleaning the apartment.  When I say thorough, I mean unlike this apartment has seen probably before I moved in.  Every time I think I’m close to done, there’s more things to be packed up or cleaned.

We were up cleaning until 2 am last night to prepare for the final move-in this morning.

I also did a lot of research on creating a sublet agreement to make sure I was covered.  I also created an inventory of belongings I was leaving behind in case anything was missing (the good news is they seem awesome so I’m genuinely not worried about it), and we went through and noted damages together (oh how things have changed since my days as an RA- they suggested doing it with a camera instead of just writing down descriptions of damages).

Good things, however, are that my apartment will be super clean, and decluttered, when I return in August.  It’s always nice to return to a clean home, and this is taking clean to another level.  Plus, they paid me rent up front, along with a damage deposit, and I know my wonderful home is going to good use 🙂



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